About Aknan

Who we are

Aknan developments is considered as one of the most leading companies in real estate development and investment, and it is known for its solid experience since 2002. Our successful spotted projects in New Cairo is our main proof that we are keen on satisfying all kinds of customers through offering a wide range of projects .

We precisely choose the location of our projects, we keep in mind each and every customer’s preferences. We have different unit areas and different payment plans to meet the client’s needs.

Our projects are not restricted to residential projects only, that's why we have grabbed the investor’s attention to one of the most important commercial and administrative projects in New Cairo.


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Our mission

We strive to pay attention to all details in all levels of the real estate market, taking into account the optimal combination of quality and cost so that the final product is distinguished in all its elements.

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Our vision

We aspire to be the best in everything we do and become the leading real estate company providing world class services.

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Our values

• Integrity and living up to our commitments, responsibilities, and promises.
• Focusing on the best opportunities to turn our clients dreams of possibility into reality.
• Accomplishing our duties on time without delay.
• Serving our clients with professionalism and responding quickly to their varied needs.

ceo message

Since more than 18 years we have started our business, and with the profound insight of our experts, Aknan Developments succeeded in in achieving a good reputation and obtaining a leading position amongst real estate companies in Egypt by providing outstanding real estate services and committing to the highest quality of all our projects. Our huge and successful projects extended to cover all kinds of the real estate by constructing large residential and commercial complexes in strategic locations in New Cairo. We promise to continuously look for the ideal investment opportunities and solutions, and make our best so that our client experience will be unique and win their satisfaction. We always aspire more success and progress through sustaining our core values of commitment, transparency and honesty.
ENG. Mohamed Helal